Understanding Cloud Computing

A brief introduction to cloud computing for those without coding knowledge, including essential ideas, terms, and tools.

Course Description

This cloud computing course provides a comprehensive introduction for beginners to understand the concept of the cloud and its related terms, such as scalability, latency, and high-availability.

The course will help you to grasp how the cloud has become a part of our daily lives through the use of popular platforms like Google Drive and apps like Salesforce, as well as websites we regularly visit.

Understand the Cloud Computing Basics

Learn the Fundamentals of Cloud Computing In this course, you will begin by delving into the fundamental aspects of cloud computing, including why it is becoming increasingly popular and what makes it a highly efficient solution. The course will examine the different service models available to businesses and how they are applied in different circumstances.

Designed for non-technical individuals, this course will provide you with a conceptual understanding of cloud computing, covering topics such as data protection, cloud providers, and cloud deployment.

Discover the Advantages of Cloud Computing

Understand the Benefits of Cloud Computing The course will showcase the numerous benefits of cloud computing, such as convenient remote collaboration, absence of hardware constraints, and dependable disaster recovery.

You will also learn about the variety of tools offered by major cloud providers and study cloud computing examples from AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to clearly articulate the advantages of cloud tools, such as improved productivity and cost savings, and make informed decisions about optimizing your use of cloud technology.

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